Stevenson Resources has been supplying high quality rail ballast (aggregates) to KiwiRail in the Auckland region for over a decade.

Regular Laboratory Monitoring

Stevenson Technical Services & Laboratory provide ongoing testing for ballast supplied by Stevenson Resources to KiwiRail in Auckland.  Working to the national rail ballast standards Stevenson laboratory carries out continual tests for product compliance with the new KiwiRail T140 Track Specification 2011.

Establishing a benchmark for quality

Stevenson technical engineers collaborated with KiwiRail (formerly ONTRACK) in 2005 to upgrade the technical specifications for rail ballast. This improved the consistency and quality of ballast being produced by all aggregate suppliers, and set a new national standard for ballast supplied to KiwiRail by any quarry. The specification has been upgraded again in 2011 with input from the AQA (Aggregate and Quarry Association) Technical Committee. Stevenson is represented on this committee by Jayden Ellis, General Manager Technical Services & Laboratory.

How the ballast renews rail tracks

A $27 million KiwiRail ballast train is used to compact the track ballast under the railway tracks to make them more robust.  The ballast tamper machine also corrects track rail alignment to ensure rails are level and parallel. This work is part of KiwiRail’s track renewal and replacement programme.

Rail given a boost

In the 2010 Budget the New Zealand Government committed to investing $750 million in KiwiRail over three years to support the KiwiRail Turnaround Plan to help increase New Zealand’s economic productivity and growth. In recent years considerable ballast material has been consumed during the upgrading of the Auckland metropolitan network.