Stevenson has a long history of successful quarry management and of being environmentally and socially responsible operators.

With over 60 years of experience in quarrying and mining industries – including bulk earthworks, overburden stripping, mineral extraction and processing and distribution – we continue our commitment to deliver competitive quality aggregates that consistently meet customer expectations.

Stevenson owns and operates the quarry located at Drury. This quarry services customers in the Auckland and Waikato regions and produces well over three million tonnes of aggregate annually when markets are in full swing.

Quarries, and the aggregates they produce, are essential to the development and economic prosperity of every region and community.


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Did you know? Aggregates are one of the most important materials for the development of society. They are the resource most widely consumed by mankind,  second only to water.

Major new infrastructure projects and urban development in the Auckland and Waikato regions will continue to place demand for a reliable supply of quality aggregate. With over 100 years of quarry rock reserves, Stevenson is well placed to continue servicing these markets well into future generations.

Drury Quarry

Drury Quarry is one of the largest and most technically advanced quarries in New Zealand.  It incorporates a quarry based pugmill for producing modified aggregates. A greywacke resource,  Drury Quarry ranks amongst the biggest producers of aggregate in the Auckland region, supplying over a quarter of its requirements.  As such, Drury Quarry is vital to the Auckland region’s economy and its expanding infrastructure, providing an estimated economic benefit of around $40–50 million per annum according to independent experts.

Technical Services and Laboratory 

We pride ourselves on our technical services and support. We have a strong focus and track record in research and product development with our Technical Services and IANZ certified Laboratory. Stevenson has technical representation on a number of leading industry bodies : Roading New Zealand’s NPTG  (National Pavement Technical Group); AQA Technical Group  (Aggregate and Quarry Association); CETANZ (Civil Engineering Testing Association).

In keeping with the continued industry trend of collaborative contracting methods, we welcome early customer engagement, in order to provide technical and operational input.  Our involvement in the early stages of a project offers the  potential to add significant value to customers’ project outcomes.  Whether it involves our standard product range, recycled aggregates, modified aggregates or “made to order” products, this early technical involvement provide benefits  across the supply chain for the following:

  • Asset owners  / Developers
  • Specifiers / Consulting Engineers / Pavement Designers
  • Local authority engineers
  • Contractors
  • Producers of construction materials ( concrete, aggregate, masonry, asphalt)


 Certification: We have held ISO 9001 Quality Certification since 1996. This quality management system ensures consistent application of procedures for the design, production and distribution of aggregates.  A commitment to continually improve and innovate is part of the way we operate at Stevenson.   In the critical area of safety Stevenson Resources has achieved Tertiary Level compliance with ACC  Workplace Safety Management Practices.