For Steve, bringing  innovation and leading edge technology plant to Stevenson quarries has been an important success factor in the business.

Robust quality assurance processes,  from rock face to the customer,  provide us with the everyday discipline to produce aggregates consistently to specification every time. As evidence of this, we have many years of successful test results history for our products.

I cannot over estimate the value of having the support of Stevenson Technical Services and IANZ Laboratory.   The technical advice they provide receive is invaluable – whether it’s during tendering and design phases, product development, rock selection and production phases right through to customer sites. It not only gives us confidence in what we are doing operationally, but this ultimately translates into customers who are confident in our products.

Steve is a Fellow of the Institute of Quarries (IOQ) and is a past president (2005 – 2007).  He holds an A grade Quarry Manager’s Certificate and has a lifetime of experience in mining and quarrying.  He started his working life in his father’s quarry in Christchurch, Sockburn Sand and Shingle Supplies. In 1973 he commenced work at Kopuku coal mine for Stevenson. Over the years Steve has held various roles within Stevenson and today is the General Manager, Aggregates for Stevenson Resources with overall responsibility for Stevenson’s quarry interests, a role he has held for nearly 20 years.  At the 2012 IOQ/AQA conference Steve was awarded the Editors Choice Award for Services to the Industry – by New Zealand Quarrying and Mining Magazine.

In his spare time Steve is passionate about his family’s interests, and has been known to spend time at the speedway.