Head Contractor, Brian Perry Civil required ‘made to order’ subbase aggregate for the pavement design. The project was completed several months ahead of schedule in late 2008.
In consultation with technical experts at Higgins Contractors and Brian Perry, a special ‘made to order’ AP65 subbase was produced for the project by our Stevenson Huntly Quarry.  The basecourse was TNZ M4 basecourse.

The new bypass provides a free flowing route that will reduce congestion, improve safety, and separate inter-regional state highway traffic from internal Hamilton city traffic in the Nawton area.

The construction of the Rifle Range Road Roundabout and new Norton Road rail bridge was particularly complex, and involved extensive collaboration between NZTA and ONTRACK. This part of the Avalon Drive Bypass project includes the temporary relocation of Lincoln Street, the lowering of the entire Rifle Range Road Roundabout area by over three metres, the temporary diversion of two railway tracks, construction of a new rail bridge and the lowering of Norton Road by over seven metres to pass under the rail bridge.

Avalon Drive-Norton Road-SH1-Stevenson-Resources.jpg

Avalon Drive-Keystone-wall-stevenson-resources.jpg

Norton Road Underpass, Avalon Drive Bypass Project