Drainage and Filter aggregates for wide application.

Drury Quarry
  • DM 150 50         Drainage Metal  150/50
  • DM 60 40           Drainage Metal  60/40
  • DM 40 20           Drainage Metal  40/20 (complies with TNZ F6)
  • DM 20 06           Drainage Metal  20/ 6
  • DM 10 06           Drainage Metal  10/6
  • DM 07 03           Drainage Metal    7/3
  • CF                         Crusher Fines – often used as a pipe bedding, or road surface blinding material
  • PAP6                   Pipe bedding ( compliant with AS/NZS 3725:2007)  It is also used as power cable trench fill, thermal media –  the aggregate dissipates heat to prevent overheating of cables and potential cable failure
  • GAP 20               General All Passing 20 – sometimes used as a pipe bedding for larger pipe sizes
  • F2 Filter Sand    A 20mm all in crushed aggregate mixed with sand.  Subsoil filter drainage aggregate.
  • ECS                        East Coast Sand – Fine marine sand, with multiple uses including Wick Drains, and in concrete production

Other drainage aggregate sizes can be manufactured to specific customer requirements, an example of which can be seen in the drainage aggregate made for the Hampton Downs Landfill project.