At Stevenson Resources, sustainability is at the core of our quarry management philosophy, implementing a number of strategies for sustainable development and operation at all of our quarries.

We operate our quarries within the agreed resource consent conditions including, but not limited to, noise and dust mitigation, water quality, protection of bush and recognised iwi sites and traffic movement. Stevenson is committed to being a responsible operator and a good neighbour.


A Stevenson Truck gets it’s wheels washed at Drury Quarry.

Community consultation

With decades of involvement in quarrying, we endeavour to keep our quarry neighbours informed about our plans for quarry activities and initiatives through community meetings or direct contact.

Noise abatement

We comply with resource consent operating conditions to maintain quarry noise levels within specified limits on an ongoing basis. A formal committee within the quarry meets regularly to monitor noise levels. Our procurement policy makes it a priority to purchase the quietest trucks and loaders available on the market. Use of rubberised screens on screening plant reduces production noise. At Drury Quarry we have also built noise encapsulating buildings around some of our key crusher plant.

Water treatment and control

We control and treat production water and runoff  stormwater. We recycle this water, resulting in our quarries being self-sufficient in water requirements. Water treatment controls the quality of water, which is continually tested, while  quality of water re-entering local streams is of a high standard.

Wheel wash for Trucks

This purpose built facility at Drury Quarry washes truck wheels and underbodies with water sprays before departing the quarry, thus mitigating silt washing onto public roads and entering watertables.


Planting trees as visual screens

Over the last 25 years, the Drury Quarry has actively employed a strategy to plant trees as visual barriers to the quarry.  More recently, a total of 9550 native and exotic trees were planted in 2006 on the northern boundary of the farm near the MacWhinney subdivision adjoining Stevenson Drury Quarry.  An area of 60,790 square metres was planted with Avensii, Blackwoods and Manuka. This is a continuation of the native tree planting that we have undertaken at the quarry over past decades. The planting will provide a visual screen for the quarry zone from the MacWhinney block residents and assist with retaining natural bush elements.

Buffer zones

Introduction of buffer zone farming activity surrounding both our Drury and Huntly Quarries. The farms are professionally managed by Stevenson Agriculture.

Land restoration

Reinstatement of overburden stripping areas with grassing and native tree planting.

Prevention of scouring and siltation

Open stormwater drains are lined with rock and stormwater retention ponds are maintained to minimise silt entering local steams.

Quarry rehabilitation

Over a period of years at our former Kaiaua Quarry site, we have created large recreational ponds following removal of pebble aggregates and shell for the landscape  and construction markets. These ponds now have an active wildlife (ducks, swans), and fish population. They are regularly used by weekend recreational fishermen and school groups (boating) from the local community.


After school on ponds at the former Kaiaua Quarry.



Leisure time on ponds at the former Kaiaua Quarry.

New life for former quarries operated by Stevenson


Stevenson has owned or operated many quarries over the decades.  The following quarries are no longer in operation. They have all since been rehabilitated to new uses.

East Tamaki Quarry

This former basalt quarry is now a key element of East Tamaki’s commercial and industrial hub. (Developed by Stevenson Property)

Mt Smart/Nelson St Quarry

Former basalt quarry, is now the Ericsson Stadium, a multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena.

Mercer sand resource

adjacent to Waikato River – now the Mercer truck-stop and retail centre. (Developed by Stevenson Property)

Greenmount Quarry

East Tamaki –  Another former basalt quarry which has been converted into a landfill site and incorporates a methane gas production operation – currently operated by Envirowaste Ltd.

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